"Your very informative lecture with the assistance of your power-point presentation
certainly enhanced your presentation and demonstrated how much time and effort
you put into preparing it. Your ability to respond to the numerous questions posed
by the audience reflects your obvious expansive knowledge of the Civil War and
the many events leading up to and following it."
"I learned more from Dr.Goldfield in one hour than from all the books I have read and all the lectures I have attended."

 Lowcountry Civil War Round Table
I have lectured in over twenty countries
on a variety of subjects. Here are a few
samples from the recent past.

"A Nation of Immigrants"April 2015
American Corner, Makedonska 22; Belgrade, Serbia

“Election 2012” Lecture series in Germany Oct.2012 Heidelberg, Munich, Chemnitz, Berlin, Kiel, Hamburg, Frankfurt. Sponsored by US Embassy, Berlin.

“Immigrant Nation: How America became a Multi-ethnic Society" Lecture series in China, May 2012 Hefei, Beijing,, Chengdu, Shanghai.
Sponsored by US Embassy, Beijing.

“Election 2012: What it means for the US and Greece” April 2012 Lecture series in Greece April 2012 Athens, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Corinth. Sponsored by US Embassy, Athens.

“The Changing Face of Society: Immigration, Integration, Diversity, and Race RelationsAthens, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Corinth, Greece, March 28-April 8, 2011 Sponsored by US Embassy, Athens, Greece

“The Mid-Term Elections in Historical Perspective”

U.S. State Department, Berlin, Germany, Oct. 2010

Director, American Studies Seminar, U.S. Embassy, Athens, Greece, “Global Challenges for the Younger Generation,” April, 2010

“The Obama Presidency and Race Relations in the U.S.,” W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Lecture, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, Nov.2009

“Lewis Hine and the Child Labor Crusade In the South,”
Southern Studies Forum, University of Versailles, 2009.

“Integrating Economic History into AP U.S. History Themes,”
Advanced Placement Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2009

“Religion and Politics: An American Tradition,” John O’Sullivan Memorial Lecture, Florida Atlantic University,
Boca Raton, FL, Jan. 2006.

Still Fighting the Civil War,” keynote address, Organization
of American Historians, regional convention, Atlanta, July 2004.

“God Bless America: Religion and Politics in the United States,” Niels Thorsen Memorial Lecture, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct.2003

“Where is the Great Urban Novel of the American South?”
American Studies Seminar, Uppsala University, Sweden, Oct.2000

“From Pedestal to Power: Women of the American South,”
American Seminar, Cambridge University, England, Oct.2000

“Reconstructing the Civil War: The Impact on Race
and Gender,”
Nordic Association for American Studies,
Turku, Finland, Aug.1999.

David Goldfield

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David Goldfield


November 23-December 2, 2015
U.S. State Department Speaker Tour Israel and the West Bank
“Election 2016”
Fulbright alumni scholars, Tel Aviv, America House, Ramallah, West Bank, College des Freres, Bethlehem, West Bank,
An-Najah University, Nablus, West Bank, Palestine Central Elections Commission, Ramallah
Freedom Forum Palestine, Ramallah

“A Nation of Immigrants”
Haifa University, Haifa
Hind Al Hussini/Al Quds University, Jerusalem

“A More Perfect Union: America’s First Century”
Department of Political Science, Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem

March 19, 2016
“The Civil War: An American Tragedy”
Keynote Address, South Carolina Historical Society,
Walterboro, SC

July 4, 2016
“Cotton Fields and Skyscrapers: The Growing Regional Divide in the American South”
Conference on Regional History as Cultural Identity: An International Conference on the Application of Regional or Local history to National Narratives Palazzo Vettori, Florence, Italy

Editor, Journal of Urban History

Southern Historical Association, 2012-2013