…"Goldfield writes with such veteran grace"…

America Aflame offers a major new interpretation of the Civil War era, not painting the war as a triumph of freedom, but as America's greatest failure: the result of a breakdown caused by the infusion of evangelical religion into the public sphere.

The price of that failure was horrific, but the carnage

accomplished what statesmen could not: It made the United States one nation and eliminated slavery as a divisive force in the Union. A panoramic narrative, sweeping from the 1840s to the end of Reconstruction and a vivid portrait of the "fiery trial" that transformed the country we live in.

Bloomsbury Press

This sweeping account of the South from the Civil War to the present, contemplates the roots of southern memory and explains how this memory has shaped the modern South both for good and ill. The battle for southern history, and for the South, continues-in museums, public spaces, and state legislatures. Still Fighting the Civil War will help new-comers, longtime residents, and curious outsiders alike attain a better understanding of the South and each other.

LSU Press

Cotton Fields and Skyscrapers

Tracing nearly four centuries of social and economic history, this books shows that the southern city – unlike its northern counterpart – continues to reflect the surrounding region, with its staple=crop agriculture, quasi-colonial economy, biracialism, and dominant rural values of family and religion.

Johns Hopkins University Press

A fresh interpretation of post–World War II America exploring the intersections of three presidential administrations and the lives of ordinary Americans. An outpouring of federal legislation changed how and where people lived, their access to higher education, and their stewardship of the environment. Federal policy spearheaded historic efforts to level the playing  field for minorities, women, and

immigrants. But this dynamic era did not last, and the shrinking and redirection of federal policy limited the opportunities of subsequent generations.

Bloomsbury Press

A passionate account of how the struggles of black southerners

to lift the barriers that had historically separated them from their white counterparts deployed the distinctive culture of the South to challenge white supremacy.

LSU Press

The South often seems like a foreign country to newcomers from other parts of the United States. For anyone who has ever wondered why the style of conducting business in the South is different or why some Southerners are still fighting the Civil War, this book will be a valuable guide.

University of North Carolina Press

The American Journey, a cornerstone textbook for U.S. History, successfully blends the coverage of political and social histories of our nation. With this focus, the author shows that our attempt to live up to our American ideals is an ongoing journey. This journey, while still a  work in progress, is increasingly more inclusive of different groups and ideas.